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We are excited to be the #1 seller of team building activities on Amazon!

The DIY Team Center will support the activities you purchased.  If you ever lose your instructions, read/download them here.  Watch a video of how the activity is run, look at additional photos and receive LIVE support from a facilitator should you need it.

Receive DIY Team Center access for your purchase.

Fill our the form on the right and we will set up a user name and password for you in our system, giving you access to the materials you purchased!

You will receive your login credentials within four hours, and hopefully MUCH more quickly than that.  Right now our average is 18 minutes.

If it has been four hours and you have not seen any emails from us, PLEASE contact us as quickly as possible because there has been a technology problem on our end.

After you fill out the form below:

  1. This page will reload with your account information
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  5. In the meantime, please visit our Free Tools page (no email required).  There are some great facilitator tools that will help you run your activity!