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TP Shuffle Instruction Page

This event is designed to get the group interacting, having fun and is traditionally an icebreaker. Although a great icebreaker, there are great insights that are possible in the areas of: leadership, trust, communication and changing perspectives. Any of these can be touched upon during discussion and connected back to work. To complete the tasks […]

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River Crossing Instruction Page

This is a complex activity that has many different purposes and reveals many behavior patterns. It develops support (emotional, content and physical) within the group. It helps clarify communication and decision making skills. It helps groups to examine how and why leadership shifts during planning and completion of task It shows how balancing planning activities […]

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Group Juggling Instruction Page

Pass an increasing number of products among the group without drop any of them. This team building activity simulates a working environment where chaos rules, people are going many different directions, and lots of energy and resources are used to keep all the plates spinning. Participants identify what is needed to break through self-imposed limitations, […]

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Fort Knox Kit Instruction Page

Combine all of the portable activities into a single portable kit. This kit has everything and will help your group experience all facets of being a team – leadership, teamwork, communication, conflict, trust, collaboration, problem solving, decision making and more! To access this post, you must purchase Monthly Membership, Yearly Membership, Lifetime Membership or 30 […]

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Don’t Touch Me Instruction Page

Participants must accomplish a task as quickly as possible. They have many opportunities to improve. Warning: this event can lead to major paradigm shift. Once a team discovers the self-imposed rules they will begin to see solutions. Don’t Touch Me will challenge the team to think outside the box and challenge the actual and implied […]

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