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Course Category: Facilitation

  • Effective Facilitation

    by James Carter
    0 Lessonsin

    Focused upon the tools you need to be effective in facilitation and specifically experiential learning facilitation.

  • New to Facilitation Course

    by James Carter
    7 Lessonsin

    This covers the key information about facilitation and is a pre-requisite to most of our other courses. New to Facilitation will benefit brand new facilitators most but is a GREAT refresher for trained facilitators as well. If you are a trained facilitator, this will be a breeze for you but will inevitably have a nugget […]

  • 7 Steps to Plan and Execute a Learning Activity

    by James Carter
    2 Lessonsin

    This is the 7-Step Process to Execute a GREAT Learning Activity. A brief as possible, this course gives you only the necessary steps without any frills yet, each of these steps is important.  You don’t need to obsess over every one, but take at least a few moments to focus and consider each one. If […]