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Individual and Group Loop

A balance between group and individual learning is the most exciting process a facilitator can create.  By understanding the process of individual and group development, a facilitator can create an experience to match individual and group needs.

Below is a handout for your group, based upon Tuckman’s Model, that may help them understand where they are both individually and as a group in the process.

While it is designed as a learning model for you, it is also a method to stimulate conversation with your group.

Asking them to define for themselves where they feel they are individually and then discussing as a group where the group is in the development stage may prove extremely valuable and uncover sources of friction and even conflict.

See the image below and use the questions to create dialogue:

Individual & Group Loop


See Tuckman’s Model for team for more information about the group evolution.

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What has worked for you?  Share your experiences with individual and group development so we can all learn together!

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