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Leadership Workouts

Leadership Workouts

Become a better leader for your team.

Designed to help you stretch yourself, just like a physical workout.

YES!  Some will be hard.  That is the whole point.  You don’t become physically stronger by lifting a small amount of weight that is easy.  You must max yourself out.

You will become stronger mentally, emotionally and even spiritually using these workouts.  We will leave the actual physical workouts up to you.

Current Workouts


Let Go of the Negative

Emotional Workout

As a leader, you don’t have energy to waste on grudges, frustration, bad feelings and emotions that are limiting your ability to lead effectively.


Find Your Why

Spiritual Workout

A process to help you dig deep into any situation.  We use it to help you find your why – the reason you are even looking at this workout.  Why are you here?

Team Vision Activity

Communicate Your Vision with Clarity

Mental Workout

You think everyone is on the same page.  They are not.  Trust me.  While your vision is clear in your head, most people do not communicate it well.

Mindset of a Legend Workout Series

Awareness – What are you focusing on?
Mental workout

Consciously choosing your awareness is critical to mindset. After all, you see what you are looking for so are you looking for the right thing, in yourself and others?

Creating a Powerful Belief Structure
Spiritual Workout

Beliefs range dramatically in importance and power.  They shape every action, reaction, the words we use and much more.  Do you know what your deepest beliefs are? Did you select them or were they ‘given’ to you?

Harnessing Your Courage
Emotional Workout

It is easy to have courage when you are risking nothing.  How do you harness your courage? How do you know when to tap into it to achieve the results you want?

More Coming Workouts...

Share Your Umbrella
Emotional Workout

The realistic application of ‘Use Your Strengths’ cliche. There are limitless opportunities to have an impact upon the world.  How do you help others?  Learn to reach out and share your ‘wealth’ in ways that are completely natural.

Get Off Your ‘But…’
Mental Workout

Quit demoralizing your people.  Learn the ‘Yes, and…’ Principle which will build, not break down, the people and ideas around you.  This principle will prevent accidental condescension and criticism by shifting your vocabulary, your attitude and even the way you see the world around you.

What’s Your Story?
Spiritual Workout

We have a story about everything – work, bosses, employees, policies – just about everything you can think of in your life.  Many parts of your story are unchangeable by you.  However, you have far more control over your story than you can possibly imagine.  Learning to tell the right story is imperative to reaching your legendary potential.  Think you are not ‘legendary’?  Who wrote that into YOUR story?

Inspiring Fierce Buy-In
Emotional Workout

How to clarify business strategy, link clear goals to doable objectives that inspires team ownership among your team.  How many of your team truly ‘buy’s in’ to your vision?

Check Your Playbook
Mental Workout

Become aware of what influences unproductive patterns or uncharacteristic reactions that interfere with your performance, goals, or relationships.  Fixated with what ‘should be’ with what IS can dominate your leadership in horrible ways.

Find the Bright Spot
Mental Workout

What you see is based upon what you believe.  Consciously choosing to find what is good takes a great deal of effort.  We are taught to find problems and fix them from the time we enter into education.  You must focus your awareness on what is GOOD.  Then replicate it.

Even More Coming Workouts...

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Mental Workouts

Asking GREAT Questions

Quick Clarity

Awareness & Focus

Mental Armor

Live Your Strengths

Emotional Workouts

5 Whys to Any Answer

Find Your Courage

Realistic Optimism

Live Your Passion

Spiritual Workouts

Your ULTIMATE Why, the Legendary Intent

Transcendent Beliefs

Discover Your Inner Strength