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Team Workouts

Team Workouts

60 minute DIY sessions to help your team become stronger.
Teams MUST practice being a team.

Current Workouts


Teamwork from Jackass

Explore behavior of how teams TRULY behave through this funny video that has amazing metaphors and connections back to life and work.

Team Vision Activity

Create a Unifying Vision for your Team

Use this simple activity to help your team understand the need for a common vision, then create that vision with them!  Incredibly powerful for any team.

Team Culture

What the Beep?

What invisible forces are shaping the habits of you and your team?  Discover how unwritten rules and behavior are created, unmask the ridiculous rules and get rid of what isn’t working.

Coming Workouts...

We Are ALL Going to Die!

A silly storyline to show how decision making, and leadership, in teams MUST change when the situation changes, like shortened deadlines and increased pressure.

Deepening Trust

Learning to grasp trust as individuals on a team with a common vocabulary.  This is designed to help make trust more concrete versus an elusive idea that sometimes exists.


Asking for help is often viewed as a sign of weakness.  Offering help can be just as dangerous.  It does not take long for a team to develop unwritten rules about asking for and offering help.  The RIGHT rules and assumptions must be part of the DNA of your team.

Competition Vs Collaboration

We have been taught to compete our entire lives.  We are told to collaborate, or ‘work together’.  Unfortunately, when opportunity arise, we compete and forget to collaborate.  This workout will help participants experience how we ALL fall into this trap.

Drop the Blame Game

Pointing the finger is natural.  Making this a habit for your team is like cancer.  Help your team experience this natural behavior, and STOP IT, in a really fun way.

True Interdependence

All teams depend upon one another to accomplish goals.  Practicing interdepence and potential breakdowns during execution is critical.  How are we treating one another during the process?

Even More Coming Workouts...

Stop Resisting Change

Listen for Gold

Put the ‘I’ in TeIam

Accomplish the Impossible

Manage More than Time

Conflict is AWESOME

Building Trust Intentionally

Accepting Learning from Mistakes

Imperfect Communication

Creativity vs. Innovation

Learn a Little Something

Stand Together, or Come Apart