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Take a Peek behind the curtain of the DIY Team Center

Team Activities

Communication, collaboration, accountability, trust, leadership, creativity vs innovation, decision making and many more team topics are covered by our activities.  All team activities are complete with instructions, photos, videos, tips and tricks, source materials and downloads to put on your computer or mobile device.

Live Support

Live , professional facilitators are here to help you select a team activity based upon your needs and tailor it to your group, if necessary.  We are ready at a moments notice via telephone, email or during our office hours.  Don’t worry about which activity is the right one.  Just call us at 800-513-8759 and we will help you!

Facilitator Training

Running a team building activity is one thing.  Creating a behavioral shift from it is something else.  We have trained thousands of people to facilitate these activities like professionals.  We have the best parts of our Effective Facilitator Training in small bite-sized chunks to help you create an incredible learning experience for your group.  This is no death-by-powerpoint learning session!

What is coming?

One and Done Team Building

60 minute active learning sessions to help your team be strong in many ways – teamwork, collaboration, conflict, communication, trust, etc.  These are designed to be challenging!  Just like in a physical workout, you must stretch your team muscles, your creative muscles, your trust muscles, leadership muscles and more, beyond current capacity to build strength.  These workouts will challenge teams, leaving them stronger and more resilient for future challenges.

One Click Team Building

30 Days to…

Less Team Drama
Better Team Communication
More Team Collaboration
Greater Personal Accountability
Higher Productivity
Deeper Trust
and more!

One click of the mouse and everything is sent to you over the next 30 days to create the change you need in your team.

Each week we will email you everything you need to run the activities and create some great discussion and actionable steps.  Each week will build upon the next and at the end of 30 days, you will see incredible results!

Weekly Warmups

Want to keep your group focused on what is truly important?  Weekly Warmups create meaningful dialogue with your team once per week to refocus the group on what is important and relevant.  Designed to run between 15 and 20 minutes as part of current meeting.  You can run one every week or just look through them for ideas and use them when you feel your team needs a boost!

Why the DIY Team Center?

Use What Works

No need to hunt on the internet for a great activity for your group to create a great learning opportunity.  We have it all in one place.  Need help to make the most of it?  We have training and unlimited live facilitator phone support.

Easy to Use

The information is SUPER easy to use and includes content, book reviews and complete instructions for the activities you will use with your team.  Launch Plans are also available to catapult your team in important areas like trust, communication, collaboration and much more.

Teams LOVE It!

Ignite the fire in your team!  When you use our completely awesome activities and content, each time they get together it will be exciting and fun to practice being a team with real life applications to create an awesome team.

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