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Wild Woosey

Wild Woosey is designed to help the group work dependently with a partner and trust one another completely. In order to achieve the goal of the activity, you both must cross the deep ‘V’ while maintaining contact your partner. Seems easy! It is absolutely not.

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Trust Walk Instruction Page

Participants walk through a course blindfolded and lead by a partner. This is one of the most powerful and, ironically, one of the simplest events we offer. The Trust Walk is about leading, following and communication. Many leadership styles emerge during this event. Some find it difficult to be responsible for another person’s safety and […]

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All Aboard Instruction Page

All group members are to stand on the platform long enough to count to 10. Begin with the largest version of the platform and move to the smallest. This is a group activity that involves increasing trust through proximity, dealing with dwindling / limiting resources and problem solving. Like many activities, this has typical communication […]

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Spider Web Instruction Page

For the entire group to travel through the web to the other side, without touching the web. Each participant must travel through a different opening in the web. This requires the entire team to manage their differences (size, disposition, strength, intelligence, etc.), it requires commitment, it’s very physical without being strenuous, and it’s fun.

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