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Chris McIntyre


Chris McIntyre

San Diego, California

Chris McIntyre is a productivity specialist and accountability expert who has trained over 200,000 professionals from Fortune 500 companies globally. He’s the author of the powerful new leadership book “The Roadmap to Freedom.

Check out Chris’ website, Roadmap to Freedom

Chris McIntyre is known internationally as a peak-performance expert.  He graduated from Penn State with a BA in Business and also holds dual MA’s in HR Management and Development.  As a Captain, he led strategic planning efforts for the Air Force’s busiest F-16 Fighter Wing during 9/11.  He started his San Diego based speaking business in 2005.

He’s worked with the best leaders globally from Fortune 100 organizations on Wall Street to the United Nations, and from the NCAA and Lucas Films, to top CEO groups like Young President’s (YPO) and Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO).

He founded a Leadership Development Academy specifically for the business owner and non-profit executive community.  He has addressed more than 200,000 people in 48-different states, and internationally in India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and the throughout the UK.

Chris’s business journey has been profiled in the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Success as a Professional Speaker, Fox & MSNBC News, and Entrepreneur Magazine.  He’s earned the National Speaker’s Association’s Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) credential – a designation held by less than 10% of speakers globally.

McIntyre’s annual coaching, webinar, and keynote programs, focus on helping senior and executive leadership to install peak-performance team accountability systems.

He is the author of The Roadmap to Freedom: A Small-Business Owner’s Guide to Connecting People to a Core Message.  The Roadmap gives the business owner community access to the thinking, tools, and systems their corporate CEO counterparts enjoy regularly!