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What the Beep?

Team Workout


Mental Warmup

Critical thinking and a willingness to explore our behavior is a big part of this warmup.  This makes it fun AND a great warmup. 


Spiritual Warmup

Challenging WHY we do something may reveal a deep belief or the reality that a long behavior is meaningless.


Participants:  no limit
Materials:  None, video only
Location:  Anywhere with audio/video access
Activity Level:  Low – conversation & dialogue
Time Needed:  45-60 minutes
Objectives:  Critical thinking, Challenging informal culture

Benefits of this workout/warmup:

You are planting a seed for people to begin seeing opportunities to celebrate, which means you are planting a ‘positive’ seed in them to see what is good in themselves, one another and as a team.  This is like me saying, “DO NOT think of a pink elephant!”  Whoops, you just thought of a pink elephant.  You can’t help yourself.


What the Beep?! is designed to open minds to their individual and team behavior:

  1. bring to the surface and eliminate team habits that hinder performance and results and,
  2. create positive actions and habits that lead to high-performance and a happier workplace.

There are unwritten rules in every team environment.  This is what creates the informal culture that is FAR more powerful than any mission written on a banner and hanging in the workspace.

What do you actually do?

  1. Show the group this video.
  2. Create a dialogue with the group using the questions below.
  3. Wrap it up with choosing a single behavior to stop or start based upon the beep. This can be personal or as a group – you decide as the leader.

Fantastic ROI on your workout

This workout creates a common vocabulary and team system to challenge individual and team behaviors FAR into the future, after this workout.

This is a workout that keeps on building your team in those small, in-between moments and also in future workouts.  YEP!  You can easily do this workout more than once (some teams use this as a consistent discipline to examine themselves) and you absolutely should.

You should run this at least twice, possibly spaced months apart and the first one in the instructions is based upon celebration (you can change the topic but be specific).  Once they understand the principles in ‘What the Beep?’, you can use it again on a topic the team suggests.

“That is just the way we do things around here.” is a HUGE red flag for future What the Beep workouts.

What do I get with the workout?

Each workout comes with:

  • PowerPoint presentation with video embedded, both Team Warm-Up and Team Workout
  • Leader’s Guide for Warm-up and Workout
  • Facilitative questions to create application-based learning in the conversation.

Every Team Workout is designed to be experiential.  While you may not be moving around physical experience, you may have an emotional or mental experience which is then discussed in conversation.