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Teamwork from Jackass

Teamwork from Jackass

Team Workout

This Team Workout is available for a limited time at no cost.  After that, a membership will be required.


Emotional Workout

Critical thinking and a willingness to explore our behavior is a big part of this warmup.  This makes it fun AND a great workout. 


Spiritual Workout

Challenging WHY we do something may reveal a deep belief or the reality that a long behavior is meaningless.

This video is the most true representation of how the majority of ‘teams’ truly behave.

Consider these points:

  1. REALLY watch the behaviors of the individuals on this interdependent team.
  2. There are very real consequences if they don’t work as a team.
  3. I left the language in place.  If this were me, I would be saying pretty much the same things.  Why not be authentic?
  4. Go for the edge, the boundaries, because is where the ‘aha’ moments are and where the shifts occur, the paradigms are challenged. This is where the magic is.  Keep that in mind.

Steps for you as a leader:

  1. Review the questions below and decide which ones you most like and the direction you want to go.
  2. Show the group the video on the DIY Team Center or use the PowerPoint presentation that you can download.  Make sure you watch it first.
  3. Create a dialogue around how to become a true team.


  • This video can be a hot button issue for people.  Some will see it as animal cruelty, because it is.  An animal is being hurt to make them angry for amusement. 
  • The video also works because it is funny.  These guys get the crap kicked out of them.
  • The language in the very strong in the video.  It may offend someone.  Be sure to let everyone know there is some offensive language.

Sample Questions:

  • How people are interdependent and independent at the same time?
  • The ‘bull’ is real too.  What is the bull represent for us? 
  • Everything is okay, until it isn’t. What do WE do in crisis?
  • At what point do I, as an individual, only care for myself and forget the team? 
  • When the guy says ‘hang on a minute’ and the other says ‘the bull isn’t going to wait’ (paraphrasing), how does that relate to how we work?  (here, I am looking for process flow, project management, interdependence – when someone is out sick, goes on vacation, etc. does everything stop? How is is handled?)

Wrap up conversation with:

    1. One current behavior you want to do more.
    2. One new behavior you want to begin.

Powerpoint Presentation