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ABC's Debrief

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Used by our staff with great results for years and is based upon 10 years of research of legendary people. This debriefing model reflects the process that leads to a legendary life. This is incredible simplistic and easy to remember.  We hope you find this valuable. Awareness, The question – “What Do We Know?” or […]

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The Simplest Debriefing / Questioning Method

For a SUPER simple method, and perfect for beginners, check out the ‘What’ Method.  The questioning strategy could not be more simple: What? So What? Now What? What? Get full description and discussion around the experience. “What happened during the activity? “ “What did you / the group do?” “What were your reactions?” So What? […]

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DIGA – Experiential Learning Cycle

There are several debrief methods to choose from and DIGA is one we used while training hundreds of facilitators to be more effective because of the simplicity of the questioning that could lead to marvelous discovery. DIGA was first introduced in 1975 by University Associates as a simple method to focus a debrief: Describe Interpret […]

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How to ask GREAT Facilitation Questions

  Questions During the Debrief The debrief is the most difficult aspect for non-facilitators because it feels SCARY! Look at FIMAGE and honestly assess yourself.  But in truth, the debrief is the best part of the activity and what leads to a learning opportunity versus playing a silly game. Below is some basic information about […]

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