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Individual and Group Loop

A balance between group and individual learning is the most exciting process a facilitator can create.  By understanding the process of individual and group development, a facilitator can create an experience to match individual and group needs. Below is a handout for your group, based upon Tuckman’s Model, that may help them understand where they […]

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Peer Introductions

  This is a series of questions you can ask people to complete prior to coming together, use as a paired activity in the beginning or simply give them a few minutes in the beginning to ponder and then share. We have used this many times when a group is first forming, in conference settings […]

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The ‘I’ in Team

Together Each Individual Achieves More Who is responsible for making this a great training session? Who is going to make this organization a place to enjoy? Who is going to make the world a better place? Who is going to hold me accountable? I am! To access this post, you must purchase Monthly Membership, Yearly […]

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Full Value Contract

This full value contract asks you to agree to these five commitments as guidelines for group participation. Because I care about myself and my group, I agree to: Work Together:I with my group in order to achieve both my own goals and the goals of the group. I will support the group in achieving our goals. Be […]

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