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Ladder of Inference Activity

Key learnings for participants: It is important to be aware of assumptions, and recognize one is
making them, though sometimes it will be necessary to make
assumptions (due to urgency of decisions, lacking complete
Dynamic tension between speed of decisions and cost of gathering
complete information (it is not practical to have all facts before
making decisions; assumptions are […]

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TP Shuffle Instruction Page

This event is designed to get the group interacting, having fun and is traditionally an icebreaker. Although a great icebreaker, there are great insights that are possible in the areas of: leadership, trust, communication and changing perspectives. Any of these can be touched upon during discussion and connected back to work. To complete the tasks […]

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All Aboard Instruction Page

All group members are to stand on the platform long enough to count to 10. Begin with the largest version of the platform and move to the smallest. This is a group activity that involves increasing trust through proximity, dealing with dwindling / limiting resources and problem solving. Like many activities, this has typical communication […]

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Spider Web Instruction Page

For the entire group to travel through the web to the other side, without touching the web. Each participant must travel through a different opening in the web. This requires the entire team to manage their differences (size, disposition, strength, intelligence, etc.), it requires commitment, it’s very physical without being strenuous, and it’s fun.

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Walk the Plank Instruction Page

Walk the Plank is a fantastic kit that has 7 different activities that can be run with the materials. The activities cover every aspect of creating a team you could want – leadership, communication, trust, teamwork, problem solving and more!

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