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Ladder of Inference Activity

Key learnings for participants: It is important to be aware of assumptions, and recognize one is
making them, though sometimes it will be necessary to make
assumptions (due to urgency of decisions, lacking complete
Dynamic tension between speed of decisions and cost of gathering
complete information (it is not practical to have all facts before
making decisions; assumptions are […]

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Tied In Knots Instruction Page

As a group, pick the one rope that connects all others. This is a very simplistic exercise designed help groups practice consensus building and decision-making. It will encourage group members to participate and is a great precursor to more complex problem solving exercises or workshop (60-Minute Version). To access this post, you must purchase Monthly […]

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Search and Rescue Instruction Page

Participants must move a plane from one landing pad to another. The art of cooperation is something we are taught as children but sometimes have a hard time accomplishing as adults. The goal here is to have the entire team involved, demonstrate the power of teamwork and show the interdependence teams experience. To access this […]

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River Crossing Instruction Page

This is a complex activity that has many different purposes and reveals many behavior patterns. It develops support (emotional, content and physical) within the group. It helps clarify communication and decision making skills. It helps groups to examine how and why leadership shifts during planning and completion of task It shows how balancing planning activities […]

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Fort Knox Kit Instruction Page

Combine all of the portable activities into a single portable kit. This kit has everything and will help your group experience all facets of being a team – leadership, teamwork, communication, conflict, trust, collaboration, problem solving, decision making and more! To access this post, you must purchase Monthly Membership, Yearly Membership, Lifetime Membership or 30 […]

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