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Fort Knox Kit Instruction Page

Combine all of the portable activities into a single portable kit. This kit has everything and will help your group experience all facets of being a team – leadership, teamwork, communication, conflict, trust, collaboration, problem solving, decision making and more! To access this post, you must purchase Monthly Membership, Yearly Membership, Lifetime Membership or 30 […]

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China Syndrome Instruction Page

Participants pour water (or balls) from one bucket to another while remaining outside a perimeter and only using ropes. Creativity, group coordination, communication, leadership, perseverance and determination are just some of the qualities that are put to the test during this activity. This event is often considered impossible in the beginning and can be very […]

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Chain of Command Instruction Page

This event is designed to get the group interacting, having fun and is traditionally an icebreaker. Although a great icebreaker, there are great insights that are possible in the areas of: leadership, trust, communication and changing perspectives. Any of these can be touched upon during discussion and connected back to work. To access this post, […]

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